BIOLOID GP Grand Prix Humanoid Robot Kit

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A top-notch humanoid optimized for various robot competitions with versatile performance skills and the powerful mobility.

Top-notch humanoid armed with high performance actuator DYNAMIXEL AX-18A
Ultra light weight and high strength of aluminum frames
Powerful mobility including a direction switch while moving and fast walking
Basic humanoid battle and soccer motions are provided
Can adjust posture while walking with gyro sensor
Includes a gripper set for mission completion
Includes optional frames for waist twisting
Includes wireless remote controller(IR-default, Zigbee/Bluetooth-optional)
Includes a Roboplus, an upgraded powerful S/W programming tool
Digital packet communication and simple daisy chain connection 

- CM-530 Main Controller (ARM Cortex M3 / 32bit) x 1pc
- DYNAMIXEL AX-12A (Robot Exclusive Actuator) x 8pcs
- DYNAMIXEL AX-18A (Robot Exclusive Actuator) x 10pcs
- Gyro Sensor (2 Axis) x 1pc
- DMS x 1pc
- RC-100A (Remote Controller) x 1pc
- Balance Battery Charge x 1pc
- Rechargeable Battery(11V, LIPO, 1000mA/PCM) x 1pc
- SMPS for external power(12V, 5A)
- Wrench, Screw Driver, Wrench Bolt, Cable Holder
- Humanoid Aluminum Frame Full Set
- Aluminium Trunk Case
- QuickStart Book
- RoboPlus Software CD