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The KT-X Superbot is the flagship humanoid robot of KumoTek Robotics. This robot boasts 17 degrees of freedom, a powerful 60MHz microcontroller. Remote control, gyro/accelerometer and assembly can be ordered as additional options. Upgrades to the KT-X Gladiator model are available.

• 13 Degrees of freedom humanoid robot
• Upload movement sequences for untethered operation
• Control with wireless PS2 remote (included)
• Requires basic assembly

Come explore the world of educational robotics and a place yourself ahead of the curve, as you learn the fundamentals of robotics, motion control and programming.

The Kumotek KT-X Lite Bipedal Robot kit is the first low-cost bi-pedal robot platform of its kind to be offered in North America that (a) can be controlled using a standard wireless PS2 gamepad controller, (b) is easy to use and (c) offers endless hours of entertainment. The KT-X was designed to offer an entertaining, low-cost alternative to high-end robotics, while stylishly combining the latest in sleek design and cutting-edge robotics engineering.

The KT-X Lite is capable walking, running, somersaulting and standing up from a face-up or face-down lying position. It can even be programmed to pull itself up autonomously after it has fallen over. It stands 13.5” tall, has 13 servo actuated joints (i.e., 13 degrees of freedom), a powerful 60MHz HV processor with 512kB ROM / 64kB RAM and comes fully loaded with over 75 preprogrammed acrobatic motions.

The robot also comes with an easy to use programming interface, which is without a doubt the most user-friendly programming utility to date and requires little to no prior experience with robotics or programming.

Kumotek KT-X Detail (click to enlarge)
*Above image describes the KT-X Standard