3WD 48mm omni wheel robot kit


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The 3WD 48mm Omni wheel mobile robot kit using three omni wheels with drive moving forward, backward, left, and right without change the directions and speeds. Includes microcontroller and motors, it is programmable. Programming is performed by connecting to your PC and writting programs. There are still pre-drilled holes of screw and its firm aluminum alloy body makes it convenient and possible to add more levels.




*3 wheel drive

*Omni wheel

*Aluminum alloy fram

*Capable of rotation

*Includes Ultrasonic sensors

*With Arduino microcontroller and IO expansion board

*Programmable with C, C++




Appearance: Circle

Dimension:230mm X 230mm X 120mm

Body Material: Aluminum Alloy

Speed: 0.2m/s

Power: 3w

Load Capacity: 2kg

Net Weight: 1kg


Parts included:


48mm Omni-wheel X 3

Servo Motor X 3

Arduino 328 Controller X 1

RC Servo Motor Drive Board X 1

Ultrasonic Range Finders X 3

12V NI-MH Battery X 1

12V Charger X 1

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