GROMA iRobot Create Mapping Robot


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Συναρμολογημένο και προγραμματισμένο στις βασικές του λειτουργίες.

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• Uses artificial intelligence to learn the environment and build maps
• Efficient in obstacle detection and navigation
• Low cost, easy to use robot
• Perfect for robot educators and hobbyists
• Uses Command Center indoor navigational software system

The GROMA iRobot Create Mapping Robot is ideal for creating maps and a coordinate system. Groma uses artificial intelligence to learn the environment and build maps. Combines advanced robotic systems for obstacle detection and navigation. Earlier Groma was used by roman surveyors to build maps for their camps and roads. Today we are reintroducing the Groma with a modern twist. Command Center indoor navigational software system, combined with the iRobot Create robot produces a modern day GROMA. Command Center allows you to easily interact with your robot and give it very specific directions for where to go and when. Complete with a Mission Control programmer, you can now create custom missions for your robot. Command Center is an easy-to-use educational software interface for your robot. It allows you to command, direct and program your robot in real time. Command Center is a wireless interface for controlling your robot. It allows you to create a real-world map of the robot's environment, complete with location designations. Maps are created on your computer and can be saved for future use.

• Program in X,Y coordinates
• Expandable for add-ons and your own devices
• Integrated cargo bay for transporting goods
• Requires 12x AA batteries or iRobot NiMh battery
• Bluetooth Equipped enables wireless mobility
• Supplier code : RGR-A1A